English CV

High School 1976
Examen Philosophikum 1978
The States Drama School 1980-1983

TV-DRAMAS: 1986-2023
Theatre på Torshov, Oslo Nye Theatre and The National Theatre 1988-1990
NRK (TV) DRAMA: 1991-1996
TV 2 (Rubicon TV/ TV Spartacus/Nordisk Film and TV): 1996-2000
The wedding party, Herman, Maja Stone face, Monster Thursday, Enemy of the people, The Kings Choice, Narvik
Clear view, Mousetrap, Losing Stock, You’ll never walk alone

Hero (Cabaret with Dozerne. Folken) 1994
Drillos – everything for Norway (Theatre for youth in Checkpoint Charlie (Stavanger)) 1994
Emigration play (Stavanger Plaza) 1997-2000
Lionheart brothers (Astrid Lindgren) (Rogaland Theatre for children) 1997-1998
Hotel Cæsar (TV 2, ten episodes) 1998
Come back, Gabriel (Rogaland Theatre, Stavanger) 2000
The new Quixote (Brian Friel) (Rogaland Theatre) 2001
The bells in Vammelsund (Historical play) 2001-2005
The Homecoming (Harold Pinter) (Rogaland Theatre) 2002
Father and son (Numme, Falck, Wikander) (TV2, 7 episodes) 2002
Hotel Cæsar (TV 2, five episodes) 2002
Gudlabadne te na mor (Local comedy at Rogaland Theatre) 2003
One for the road (Harold Pinter) (Entre 13, Tou Scene) 2003
Busybody (Jack Popplewell) (Oslo Nye Theatre) 2003-2004
Password: Sausage (Torfinn Nag. Directly sent short film, Sandnes Cinema) 2004
Fame (Sola Culture House) 2004
The foreigner (Larry Shue) (Oslo Nye Theatre) 2005
Hansel and Gretel (Stuart Paterson) (The National Scene) 2006
One road (Torfinn Nag. Short feature film) 2007
Harald Hårfagre (Historical play) 2007 and 2009
Burry me in Bergen (The National Scene) 2007
Two divorced men (Sogn og Fjordane Theatre) 2008
Lenden (Play for children, Rogaland Theatre) 2008
Second Avenue (SVT 1 Gothenburg, 5 episodes) 2008
The Caretaker (Harold Pinter, Det Norske Teatret) 2009
Press Play (Musical Agder Theatre/University in Agder) 2009
Just painted (Student show in Stavanger) 2009
The animals in the Hakkebakkeskogen (The National Scene, Bergen) 2010
Pinter meets Beckett (The dumb waiter and Endgame, Nordland Theatre) 2010
Tour de Farce by Philip LaZebnik and Kingsley Day
(Director together with Pål Kvammen, Stavanger) 2011
Waking up and A woman alone (Dario Fo and Franca Rame) (Haugesund Theatre) 2011
Fighter heart (Rogaland Theatre) 2011
Crazy Ladies (Stavanger) 2012
Forever young (Eric Gedeon, Stavanger) 2013
Snow white, (Also script) (Oslo Nye/Riksteatret) 2013
39 steps (Stavangeren) 2014
Crazy Ladies (Dizzie Show Theatre, Oslo) 2014
The City (Martin Crimp, Rogaland Theatre) 2014
The Buckle (Outside play) 2015
Born on the sunny side (Show in Stavanger) 2015
JO, (Outside play, Sogndalsstrand Amfi) 2016-2018
”Mr and Mrs Obstfelder on each planet on Nilsebu” (About the poet) 2016
The Dresser (Rogaland Theatre, Stavanger) 2017

Alexander Kielland accident (Cooperation between Rogaland Theatre and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra) 2018

Scenes about being human… (Based on Roy Anderssons film trilogy «Songs from the second floor», «You, the living» and «A pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existense» Tou Scene, Stavanger.) 2019

About being human… (Tjodpallur Faroe Islands) 2021

Sketches and songs for 25 shows in Stavanger and Oslo 1992-2015
Hotel Cæsar (Norwegian TV series. Dialog script for two episodes) 1999
Password: Sausage. (Short feature film sent directly to the cinema) 2004
One road (Short feature film) 2007
Tor Finns (Crazy band) 1999-2014
Crazy Ladies (Comedy written together with Pål Kvammen, Jon Arne Sægrov and
Per Inge Torkelsen) 2012
Snow white (Dramatist) 2013
JO, (Historical play written together with Pål Kvammen and Arnt Olav Klippenberg.) 2016
”Mr and Mrs Obstfelder on each planet on Nilsebu” (About the poet) 2016

Pilt-Ola (Historical play) 2021

Drillos – play for youth 1995
Evert Taube-cabaret 1995
One for the road by Harold Pinter 2003
Fame by David de Silva 2004
The City by Martin Crimp 2014

The Show Group: Brødrene te Bølten. (Five shows in Stavanger) 1992-1996
Drillos 1995
Evert Taube (Cabaret) 1995
Direct Cinema (Short feature film sent directly to the cinema) 2004
One for the road (Theatre group Entré 13) 2004
One road (Short feature film) 2007
Harald Hårfagre (Outside historical play) 2007 and 2009
Crazy Ladies (Dizzie Show Theatre, Oslo) 2014
Crazy Ladies (Norway tour) 2015